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Straight Hair Tips

1. Spray a Volumizer on your roots when hair is damp for fullness.  Anything else will weigh hair down.

2.  Use a blow-dryer with a nozzle attached to it.  This will help concentrate airflow at the roots to add volume.

3.  When hair is dry set it on hot rollers.  Small rollers for a tight curl and large for a loose look.

4.  Take rollers out when completely cool, but don't brush hair.  Tousle with fingers and spray with a hard hold hairspray.

5.  Sleek and smooth is the rage.  Dry pin straight and part in the middle or side.

Curly Hair Tips

1.  Use a smoothing balm from roots to ends.

2.  Start drying while wet before hair starts to dry on its own.

3.  Dry with a diffuser so air is distributed evenly.

4.  When hair is dry, curl with 1 1/2 inch curling iron to shape individual curls.

5.  Spray with a hard hold spray.

6.  Keep curls bouncy by adding smoothing balm on unruly dry curls with your fingers.  Never use a brush because it will create frizz.  


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